Classic Key Control


About HandyTrac

HandyTrac principals have been innovating and creating programs for Multi Family for 30 years:

"Little Buddy" rent roll program; Clever Computer Internet Services; online key control and work order systems. More recently, HandyTrac designed the first integrated biometric identity verification for key control systems, and provides online reports, building pull, and key bitmapping. Also, HandyTrac markets and distributes the WaterSignal, LLC Leak Detection and Water Conservation program.

HandyTrac Classic

The HandyTrac Classic is the standard in computerized key control. Connected to the internet, it provides secure automatic backup and audit trail. Accessed via badge and pin, the Classic is easy to use and easy to train staff on.

Security comes in a stout 18-gauge steel cabinet, coded keys which are randomly rotated when returned, and data stored on a secure website run on Amazon Cloud.

  • Audit Trail: Reports are backed up off site so audit trail is preserved. Long term records are archived.
  • Hierarchy System: Allows management to easily review reports for multiple properties with a single log in.
  • Warranty: Continuous warranty on your complete system. Technical support via toll-free 800 number.
  • Lowest Prices: Our relentless focus on cost control and efficiency assures lowest prices.
  • “The HandyTrac Classic is offered in single and double cabinet options.”